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Lots of Advice about a Few Lifestyle Factors

Take a look online for advice about a healthy lifestyle, and you'll find all sorts of lists dedicated to how healthy habits can affect your body and mind. Some of these can be inundating or even inaccurate. At A Healthy Back in Fayetteville, North Carolina, you can discuss healthy lifestyle advice with a professional chiropractor and create a set of lifestyle guidelines that you can follow daily.


You've Got to Go Back to the Basics

This shouldn't be such a surprise, but for the best quality of life, you've got to look at the basic pieces of advice you've heard time and time again. One is a relative newbie to the lifestyle factor scene: sleep. You need to get adequate sleep so that your brain can process everything it encounters during the day and so that you are well-rested and ready for the next day. Sleep deprivation has long been known to contribute to health problems, but more research over the past few years has solidified the need for a good night's sleep each night if you want to be as healthy as possible.

Next is a healthy diet. This actually varies for people, depending on allergies and current health conditions, and also on what they simply do best with. Some thrive on vegetarian or vegan diets while others do better with low-carb diets. The DASH diet is popular, and yet others simply follow the food pyramid (or the four food groups, depending on how far back they learned how to put meals together).

Exercise is a huge factor. You don't have to become a marathoner, nor do you have to spend hours jogging or lifting weights in a gym. You just need to find a physical activity that you want to do, such as walking, roller skating, playing a sport, and so on. And yes, even lifting weights, getting strong and flexible goes a long way toward promoting health.

Minimizing the use of, or completely avoiding the use of, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs also helps keep you healthy. Alcohol has been found to be a cancer risk, along with tobacco, and drug use isn't as safe as many would have you think.

A Chiropractor Can Guide Your Planning

Visit Dr. Robert Twaddell in Fayetteville, NC, for lifestyle advice that can help you live your best life. Contact A Healthy Back at (910) 303-2690 for an appointment.





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