Low Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Therapy, also known as Cold Laser Therapy, is a pain relief therapy used by Dr. Robert Twaddell at A Healthy Back. 


This innovative therapeutic technique uses the latest advances in medical laser technology to help patients manage their chronic pain conditions. Our laser therapy is totally painless and, unlike “hot” lasers, causes no damage or discomfort to the skin. Patients are able to undergo this treatment with no need for any painkillers or expensive medication. 

Our practice put together this information to give you a clear understanding of how Low-Level Laser Therapy can help you manage your chronic pain condition. 

What Type of Laser is Used in Low Level Therapy?

Most people are familiar with what are known as “hot lasers.” These are the kind of laser is used in tattoo removal, skin treatment, and even for industrial purposes. Low Level Therapy uses what is known as a cold laser.

These lasers function by generating specific wavelengths of light rather than strong source of heat. Instead of working by damaging unwanted tissue with a high-impact laser, these lasers stimulate the surrounding tissue in order to help relieve pain. 

Pain Relief in Fayetteville

Low Level Therapy is used to treat a variety of pain conditions. Light from the laser is applied topically to the skin by one of our professional technicians. This light stimulates the nerves and the surrounding tissue in order to relieve pain.

This therapy is a great choice for individuals with chronic joint pain. Low Level Therapy can help stimulate joints and relieve the stiffness and soreness that comes with chronic pain. This therapy is also a great choice for other chronic pain conditions. One of the largest benefits of Low Level Therapy is that the light can be placed anywhere on the body. While joint pain is the most common area to treat, this is also a great choice for people in recovery or who have muscular or skeletal pain.

Low Level Laser Therapy can be combined with other treatments and is a solid choice for individuals looking to expand their pain relief options.

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At A Healthy Back, Dr. Robert Twaddell is committed to helping the people of Fayetteville with their chronic pain conditions. Contact us today to find out more about how Low Level Laser Therapy can help you manage your chronic pain condition. You can call us at 910-303-2690 to schedule an appointment today!


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