Neck Pain

Non-Surgical Neck Pain Treatment at A Healthy Back

Neck pain can interfere with your health, comfort, and quality of life. Whether you've suffered an acute injury to the cervical vertebrae, you're dealing with chronic degenerative pain syndrome, or you just need to change your everyday habits, A Healthy Back in Fayetteville, NC, can help. We don't just help painful backs heal. We also work with cervical alignment and injury issues. The result is a drug-free, surgery-free solution to that annoying or even debilitating neck pain.


How Neck Pain Hinders in Your Quality of Life

If you've ever suffered a sudden pain that prevented you from turning your head, you know just how limiting a neck condition can be. Some kinds of neck pain come on suddenly and intensely, especially if an accident is involved. Whiplash is one of the most well-known examples. If a strong jolt to the body throws the weight of your neck around at high speed, your cervical vertebrae and vertebral discs can lose their normal position, pinching nerves, straining muscles, and making normal joint motion impossible. 

Many other cases of neck pain are less dramatic but no less troubling. For example, age-related degenerative neck pain is a common phenomenon. The aging process naturally causes some loss of height in your cervical vertebral discs, which stresses your spinal joints and may promote arthritis in the neck. A chronic muscle strain may be caused by a slight misalignment between the neck and the skull.

Your everyday actions may also make you vulnerable to chronic neck pain. Athletes and workers who constantly crane or twist their necks frequently suffer from overuse injuries such as tendinitis. Keeping your head dipped forward to view a computer monitor or smartphone can cause a form of strain known as text neck.

The Chiropractic Approach to Neck Pain Relief

As alarming and agonizing as your neck pain may be, there's no reason to assume that only surgery or painkillers can help you. Our chiropractor can study your neck alignment, take x-rays, evaluate your symptoms, and discuss your lifestyle with you to diagnose the cause of your neck pain. We can then give you a holistic treatment plan that includes modalities such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to normalize your cervical spinal alignment
  • Spinal decompression to correct disc issues
  • Laser therapy and acupuncture to ease tissue pain
  • Corrective exercises to build a stronger, more flexible neck

Give Your Neck What It Needs and Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Robert Twaddell

Our Fayetteville chiropractor, Dr. Robert Twaddell, can help your neck feel better and move like it's supposed to. Call A Healthy Back today at 910-303-2690 to schedule an appointment!


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